mardi 1 février 2011

Let's play bowling!

I know what you're thinking about! OMG it's a very good movement! Yes it was and I won 2 games...

This is the girlfriend of Jesus, her name is Miriam and I have to say that she plays pretty well! She won 1 of the 3 games!

And the best player ever is... Jesus! No, I don't want to be wicked with him. To be honest his movements were very good too!

Do you want to see two lovers!? They are so cute with their balls!

Thanks Jesus for all the pictures! I'll never forget all these great moments!

dimanche 30 janvier 2011


Jesus and me visited a museum of Oxford and there had something very funny, because usually it's written "please don't touch!" and in this museum it was the opposite!!! PLEASE TOUCH IT

Poor boy... He has lost his hand! What do you think? Good publicity for LIDL?

Big mouth... Uggly beast!

Very good picture ;) I'm afraid just when I see it!

Time with Jesus

I think that you already know David in the left, me in the middle and my funny roomate... Jesus! He stays in Oxford only for 3 weeks. We were in a night club but it was just the beginning as you can see...

This picture has been taken just before we left the house to the club. In the left, I introduce my host father "Ray". The sofa was just enough large for us!

In a club but another day, in the middle it's one of my teacher! It's not in France that you can imagine to drink with your teacher... It was a lovely evening! But I'm sure that it was difficult for all of us to wake up the day after.

It was a party organized by EF. So, it was free for me because I made a blog! I got two glass of champagne!

jeudi 13 janvier 2011

"Christmas holiday"

Firstly, I'd make some apology because I didn't update my blog since a long time. This photograph show you the magic decoration of christmas in London.

This is my girlfriend. Her name is Pauline and she was very unlucky because it snowed about 25cm just before she came here... Finally, she got a flight to visit me and we spent two lovely days! We were in front of Buckingham Palace.

We were walking on the millenium bridge when I took this picture. In the background, you can see "Tower Bridge"

Our flight was cancelled so we decided to come back by ferry and by train... We spent a night in Paris where Pauline showed me the amazing decoration along the galeries Lafayette.

vendredi 17 décembre 2010

At Beef Eater

He is Ali. He was annoyed by his neighbour...
That was a good evening, and the last one all together.

These guys are Mathieu and Edouard.
Edouard seems very interested by Mat. (the conversation!)

We add Karim and.... OMG! Could you stay with these guys more than a hour??? 
LOL I don't think so. Don't worry, I'm just joking!

Thomas and Céline. Everyday, he looks very tired! I don't know what he takes but I think it's powerful!!! 
I love this guy, he is hilarious! 
She is totaly crazy, she has probably lost her mind... Since a long time!

Marie with his host brother "Jamie". She is so lucky to have a host brother like him. 
I wish, I had gotten a hostbrother in my family.

I'm so sorry guy but I've already forgotten your name. 
It's not my fault! Mostly, it's difficult to remember the name of Asian people.

vendredi 10 décembre 2010


 How explain that! That was absolutly amazing... It's one of the best play that I'd ever seen.

 For youth or older, this play is spectacular. All the actors was awesome.

This is the theatre entrance.

I tryed to take a picture inside but it's not perfect with the lighting. 
Recording or taking pictures were absolutly not allowed!